Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 45:17 Thailand - MRI

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... Autumn 2011, Thailand
Before my surgery in April I had decided to travel as much as possible while my legs still obeyed reasonably. Now, the spring of 2013 would probably none of these trips may be possible to implement without assistance. Maybe, not even then. I am so incredibly happy that I made ​​them when it was possible.

I have previously told you that my father in law has a house in Hua Hin. He has problems with his back, and usually spend much of the winter in the Thai heat. It sounds like contra indications with MS. In fact, my heat intolerance disappeared after CCSVI. So I can be in the heat without major problems. 

I went down over a week for him to extend the summer a bit, and to charge the body with some sun. It is remarkable how quickly the energy reappears in the body when it gets sun and heat. I trained Nordic walking and swimming. 

We had acquired a tradition at my previous visit. We sat up and sipped the whiskey that neighbour stuck in the road on your round just before 6am. Then we went to bed. The only we ate in the house was breakfast. Tea eggs and yoghurt. All other meals at the restaurant. It would be very unprofessional to shit down in the kitchen when no wives were with us.

I have started a tradition. The flight to Sweden departs 1am, there will be some waiting time at the airport in Bangkok. Then it fits perfectly to sink into a chair and get a little foot massage.  
This trip home, I was a bit short on time. Then put the salon in extra personnel. This only happens in Thailand.
To be continued...

It was a busy day. It should have been a day in court. For various reasons, the hearing was cancelled. Instead I ended up with my lawyers during the afternoon to review the case again. It was good. Now, I think the case is even better prepared for trial in May. 

In the evening, I made the last MRI before transplant. I slept hard in the tunnel. I was worried that I had snored and caused blurred images.  

Yords assured me that all the shooting was crisp and fine. He further told that it is very important that all images will be taken at the same angle

Yords Österman
I will undergo MRI every month for the next year. The researchers want to compare all shooting accurately. 

I understand why I got the smallest helmet and the largest headphones. My head was in a vice. Also, I had to lie completely still. I could not respond when spoken to, just listen. Then I might as well sleep.

Later that evening, I sat in my sea of ​​flowers and enjoyed the evening. 

I looked through my gifts, and tried to start planning activities I had received. I will run the tank and battleship 90. I got a bottle of suntan lotion and a date in another gift. Where we are going was not written in the letter.


The next package had a detailed explanation. It was a train journey. Orient Express from London to Venice. It will be very interesting trip. In the next, there was a flight lesson.

I will run the single-engine airplane. I hope I get an instructor with me. If not, then landing to be felt. Very noticeable. The last envelope was the concert tickets. "Gyllene Tider". 

Summer is booked. It will be interesting with all trips and activities. The activity I know that I will run at full speed, the tank. 

Now is the war on all fronts. :)

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