Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 56 Tuesday - Hospital again...

It is to much happen every day. I am short of time. My history have to wait a couple days. When it is completed it will be my biography. It may help other MS patients to find new way to live with the decease.

Be patient...

Today it was time for the last blood sampling first week after stem cell transplant. I got a printout of all blood values with me home. The only thing I can conclude is that all values ​​are good. 

I've probably left ​​100 tubes of blood the last week. No wonder I'm hungry all the time. I will meet with the research doctor in a few weeks. Then I ask her what it all means. 

I'm spirited, but feel a little spastic and tingling in the legs and lower back. The parts of the body that I have the least contact with. It could be within the tolerances for a very good or bad day. 

In Sweden, all citizens submit their tax return on May 2. Accordingly I and half of the Swedish people sat bent over their forms this last week.  

Sweden is a good country in most ways, but the bureaucracy can be cumbersome. The social safety net is one of the best in the world, but it costs a lot of tax money. The state is doing everything they can to get their tax money. Then it can get a bit complicated.

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