Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 54:26 Reflective - Sun

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... February 2012, Reflective Jacket 
As I described previously made ​​MS more and more felt. I had a real flare-ups during the winter. It healed all right, but every relapse left more symptoms in my legs. I began to have difficulty walking. It is especially difficult when it is slippery and lots of snow. I used the crutch all the time. I fell  often. The brain was significantly faster than the feet. I learned how to fall so that I did not hurt myself. It was also difficult to shovel away the snow in the driveway. My wife and my kids got to help. 

My wife is very interested in clothes. One day I was in the hardware store to make some purchases. On a rack hangs a yellow jacket with reflectors everywhere. I bought the jacket and asks for the gift wrap. The clerk looked at me strangely, but wrapped the jacket. 

I give the package to my wife. She opens smiling package. The smile disappears. She exclaims;  

What the hell, do I need this for?? 

I explain to her that my legs are so bad now that she has to take responsibility for shovelling snow. We have a long driveway from our house to the road where the snow plow are driving. If she has the jacket on her when she shovelling snow, she appears good in traffic. If an accident happens, I'll have to shovel snow anyway.

I thought I would get the jacket down my throat ... 

Today she use the jacket every day, when she is out smoking cigarette.

That´s is love.
To be continued...

Today it has been a come day at home. My walking was not good today. But it is in the range, good and bad days. Anyway the weather was good. Sun and +15C.

A bad day for me is when it is almost impossible to move without the crutch. I can´t find any explanations why my ability can differ so much from one day to another.

I am waiting to see if the cells are working. The effect may take some time. Worst case, I have to wait until this autumn for the real transplant...  

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