Friday, April 12, 2013

Day 44:16 More hotels - Rest

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... Autumn 2011,
Autumn just disappeared in a mixture of lectures, hotel openings and other assignments. Obviously I got a relapse into the fall. When the sun is going down it also trigger my MS. Although relapses heals in a month or so I get a little worse after each one. 

I was a bit inside the racing team during the fall. That included going to Mantorp to see this year's final at the Camaro Cup. I got to be inherent in a mobile home. My room mates smoked cigars and drank whiskey in the evenings. With the door closed. Then you may imagine how my stuff smelled after two days on the race track. 

I got a permit to drive my car in the pit area and to the track thanks to my problems to walk. Although, there was quite a lot of walking to get to the best spots. I have run a number of races on this track over the years. This means that I know which spots that are the most interesting of the track. 

One of the hotel projects I have been involved and initiated inaugurated in September. Hotel J in Nacka Strand. After the expansion, we have 158 guest rooms and some 20 conference. The décor is New Port inspired.  

The hotel is beautifully located at the sea inlet to Stockholm. The business is operated in four properties and consists two conference villas, the hotel and a restaurant on the pier. 

Unfortunately it was the same procedure where as on Skeppsholmen. I kept the project from the beginning, but was forced to relinquish me more and more during the project. It is quite impossible to manage projects under stress with the troubles that MS brings. The problem was both physically and intellectually before CCSVI. After surgery in April did the brain work again, but not the body. 

One of the most important tasks as a developer is to be in place and solve problems. That means up and down the ladders, hold meetings, work environment should be safe, etc. It also means that the finished product shall be like we decided. 

That was it. Much thanks to my good employees. Towards the end of this project, I worked more as a senior advisor. It was not fun, but necessary. I want to be where things happen, not sit in a fucking office chair.
To be continued...

I had a day to rest after the party days. Nothing special to report. Just rest and saving energy.

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