Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Day 42:14 - 100 - 50 = 50

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... August 2011, CCSVI 2 
A few weeks after the bachelor party, I went down to Warsaw to make follow-up of my surgery in April. I got the same good reception of AMEDS I got in there. Many improvements, especially in the higher brain functions persisted after surgery in April. This time I travelled without assistance. 

The investigation revealed that I suspected that the right jugular vein had regained its previous form and did not let blood through. Piotr cardiologist decided that we could try to operate again. He tried all ways including getting around under the the brain to find the back door in. I tried to help as best I could to get up in the dock, spinning, twisting and stretching me in all possible directions. After two hours, we were pretty tired of both of us and Piotr stopped the surgery. 

Piotr had by then run the probe through all the major veins I have in the body. He said to me the day after, the other veins have taken over part of the flow from the jugular vein. Therefore, probably the improvements I had after the first surgery all left to endure. I can almost two years later confirm. The head works just as good still 2013. 

When I was back at the hotel I sit down in reception and reading the newspaper on my iPad. WiFi did not work in the room. Then an very old English lady and sits down next to me. She had her butler with her. He carried the bags and get tea for her. I noticed that she was watching my doings on the iPad. After a wile, she asked what I was doing. I showed her some functions quickly. 

After a moment, she exclaims with a determined tone: "James, you better go down-town and get me one of these right away. Tomorrow it may be to late!"

James went from the hotel like a shot. Remaining seated was me and the lady. We talk about this and that. Finally, we enter the age of the subject. I tell my age and she tells hers. 

"One hundred year and one month." 

Gunpowder Bitch, I hope to have her strength over the next fifty years!
To be continued...

On Sunday afternoon came all the children home to eat dinner. The dinner continued until 00:30. Very nice. 

Monday morning I had breakfast in bed. Champagne and strawberries. I was told that I would change about, because there would be guests for lunch. Guests arrived, and my wife ordered a sandwich cake. Nice! 

After that it was leaving for one of our hotels. When we get there I meet some friends in the lobby. ?? What has she invented. I had the most firmly asked for a quiet dinner with the family. No big party. 

The reason is that the MS requires that there is some peace and quiet around me. Is that too much speed around me, I can not enjoy. If I'm the main character in a major event, I have hard to enjoy if it's messy. Too much energy is used to take me around and talk. I want to enjoy my day and my closest friends.

I am happy for large parties, if I may depart when I get tired. In this case it was not possible. 

I tried to eat more than usual during the day. I tried as best I could plan my movements. Not taking steps unnecessarily. I tried to plan covers and what I might need to take with me for various eventualities. 

When we checked into the hotel, we sat at the bar and a few more friends and children joined. I was getting a little worried, this should be a big party? The banquet room at the hotel can accommodate 120 guests. OK, I will do my best. After a while, my wife says that we should move forward. We went out and transferred to another party room. It is located in an old house a few hundred yards from the hotel. 

When I come in I am met by my absolute closest friends and my family. It was less than 40 guests. I was incredibly happy. First, they wanted to pay tribute to me and had come there. Secondly, I would have no problem coping with the evening. 

I had an incredibly enjoyable evening. There was plenty of time to talk to everyone. The fact that it was a Monday so rounded party in reasonable time.  

I drank even a little wine and champagne during the evening. This despite my strict diet. With my wife, because you ordered an unforgettable day. Thanks to my children, who are not so much kids any more. Thanks also to my friends who shared the day with me. 

Next week begins my treatment with stem cells. Once my legs start to read again, can you give you hell for it to be a real fucking party. With a lot of booze, dancing and humiliation. 

Thanks for waiting. 

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