Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 58 Thailand - Problem solving

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... February 2012, Thailand again. part II 
After our road trip we went to my father in laws house in Hua Hin. There we had some lazy days in the sun. We had set our routines at my previous trips there. It was nice to be down in the heat when the body was stiff and spastic. I went for massage almost every day. Weeks of Thailand made a big difference. It's nice to be in the heat without the body stops functioning. I can thank that to CCSVI wich I done at AMEDS clinic in Poland 2011. The surgery has made a big difference in my higher brain functions and on my mental endurance. 

When I came back to Sweden it was was much to attend to at work. Many meetings and negotiations. I tried to have a schedule of the day's activities as my energy enough. I'm not saying it's easy, but it works. 

Unfortunately, the disease became more reminded all the time. You can do many things differently, or to allow others to help. Finally, I come to a limit, when a task is no longer possible to perform. It's sad, but a fact. It is not possible to find alternative solutions in the infinite. 

End of the road had come to experience travel. It becomes too difficult to travel from now on. I am still grateful for the travelling I have done until now. Who knows, maybe the future can find a cure for MS. 

I can guarantee, I want to be first in line for such a treat!
To be continued...


It was a busy day today. Much problem solving and not very efficient. It is by far the worst situation I can have. When I do not get to do one thing at a time. It drains the little energy I have very effectively.

Tomorrow is a new day. :)

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