Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 53:25 Captured - Spring

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... February 2012, Captured 
The wife and daughter were at the ski camp. I was home alone for a weekend with our disabled son. He had personal assistants who went home 20:30 in the evening. At night, the intention was that the family would take care of him. 

I had been a little bad that day. In the afternoon, I had taken an aspirin because I felt I had a little fever. The assistant went home and I fell asleep on the couch watching TV.

After a few hours I woke up and was boiling hot. I had a cramp in your entire body. I could just move the right arm and hand. What's going on? I could not get up off the couch. The body was so tense that it hurt. Furthermore fever was high. 

Thirsty and worried about our son who was upstairs, I tried to roll off the couch. The consequence was that I got stuck in a very uncomfortable way under the sofa table. The sofa table is a heavy glass table with many art books under the glass. In addition, underfloor heating on. I NEEDED NO MORE HEAT! 

I lie under the table, caught, like in a mousetrap. Luckily my phone was on the couch. I managed to achieve it with the right hand. I called the numbers I knew. No one answered. What do I do now? 112. I called the ambulance. It comes after a while. The medics lift away the glass table and lift me on the stretcher. They also go and fetch a neighbour who can babysit our son. In the same moment also my oldest son's get home. He had heard on his answering machine that I needed help. 

Once out in the ambulance, they could not close the door completely. I had such a cramp your legs just stood right out. It was minus 10 degrees outside and I asked to be open for a while. Health carer took my temperature, 40.5 C. He gave me the drip and the journey continued to the hospital. Once there, I received antipathetic medication intravenously. After two hours, I could go home again.

You´ll never know when it comes to MS. 
To be continued...

Today I took the Can-Am Spyder, of the garage. It was ten degrees outside and the sun from a blue sky. It was a good day for a little ride with the motorcycle. We took a two hour ride into town. Finally, winter has released its grip on Sweden. 

A lot has happened this past week. I have not noticed any changes yet after transplantation. 

I do not know how long the cells need to find the right and start working. I also do not know if I received a placebo instead of the real graft. The disease has taken many years to so far. 

I feel good, and nothing is worse. One of the most important decisions I have made is to change the diet.  

My eating habits have made ​​a big difference in my body. My training month at AMEDS in Poland has given me the best conditions for the cells to have a good time.

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