Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 59 Digging - Resting

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... April 2012, Easter Week in Värmland.
The family had a tradition to go to our summer house in Värmland during the Easter weekend. When the sun has done its job and melted the snow. It's nice to get there. Clean water, clean air and rest. There are not too many must-haves, I can just be. The house is old and heated in fireplaces. It's a little crafting to get warm in the house. It shall be collected wood and burned in the fireplaces for a few hours.

Easter is a wonderful time, it's not so warm and frost is in the ground. The sun is usually there. It heats situated on the south wall of the house. I can also take my ATV for a ride in the woods. ATV is an invaluable tool for me when I'm out in the woods. Where you can walk, I can run. I also avoid getting wet on small streams are crossed. 

The funniest our task is to bring the excavator from hibernation. I have a small 3 ton crawler that I dig ditches with. The battery usually always be bad for winter. There was no difference this time

After a moment of crafting simmered it going. I certainly spent 6 hours and 30 litres of diesel in the excavator. Behind me I had left 30 feet nicely ditch. 

There is relaxation for real!
To be continued...



I was really tired today. It has been a long week, and I have been sleeping almost 11 hours the last 24 hours.

Very ineffective. I hate it. But my body say NO today. I needed to relax.

Well, tomorrow is a new day...

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