Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 49:21 Car window - TRANSPLANT

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...January 2012, Ski Vacation 
After Christmas celebration, it was time for the "ski mess". The family went up to Vemdalen for skiing. The youngest daughter had competitions with her club, the other in the family would just go skiing. It was nice in many ways. But when the three kids destroying every night with two hours of Family Guy, and The Simsons I longed to my own TV. 
We lived close to the slopes. It was only a few hundred meters down to the target area. One morning it snowed a lot. It came over ten inches. I put on warm clothes and went out into the blizzard. It was not that I went skiing, no
I was more like the fifth wheel undercarriage. In the road and slow. I pulsed through the snow the 150 meters to the target area. I had a pair of ski poles as walking aids. I spent all the energy on the way there. Even though it was downhill. Once there, I started thinking about how I was going to take me home again.
Luckily, youngsters ran scooter back and forth where I had gone. In the afternoon the snow was so flattened that I could go there. When I entered the apartment I was lying on the floor 15 minutes and got his breath. I had absolutely nothing to do in the mountains. 
When we packed up the car for the journey home, it was colder than -25C. We let the car idle for loading. When all was finished, the children were taken from the apartment. The car was warm, so no need to sit and squeezed with jackets in the back seat. The jackets were already packed in the car. 
All the car doors were closed from the outside to retain heat. The heat was left in the car for three hours. The fucking car had gone into deadlock, with the engine idling. I was thinking, mabye I can remember any good tricks from youth to get into a car without a key. I did indeed, but, it was a Volvo 142 from 1969. Audi Q7 did not have the same locking system as Volvo. It was not possible with a wire hanger. 
I took the defeat and called for a salvor. He was on his way to an accident 140km from where we were. He thought he would my place to help in about three hours. The car was filled up, so gas was not a problem. It would surely be enough to idle for 24 hours. 
I wanted to go home. The apartment there was a small hammer. I thought a small window is less expensive than a large one. I broke the small side window in the cargo area. No problem, we got into the car and was able to start the journey towards home.One tip, the smaller the window, is much more expensive to repair. Cheapest is the wind-shield. But, on the other hand, 600km in the winter without wind-shield, is not an option.
Speaking of wind-shields. I remember a story that is twenty years old. A friend of mine smuggled crabs from Norway to Sweden. He had an old WV bus. He had been in Stavanger and bus filled with live crabs. Approximately 300 kg. In order to avoid the duty, he went on small gravel roads across the border. On one of the small roads he collided with a moose calf. Moose almost landed in the lap of him. There was nothing called cargo safety at the time. The live crabs were loaded into open boxes ... 
Obviously, many boxes broken in the crash. Many crabs slipped out of the woods. He did his best to catch the fugitives in the dark. 
The journey continued to Stockholm a moment later, with only 200 kg crabs and a moose in the cargo area. However, missing was the car's wind-shield. He drove carefully the 400 km to Stockholm in the rain. 
To be continued...

This morning I vent to the hospital for my first transplant. The procedure took about five hours. It is research so I don´t know if I got my own cells or placebo. The procedure went smoothly, and the crew at the hospital are really nice.
I went home in the afternoon, and could not feel anything special at all. Not good or bad. Status was the same.
In the afternoon me and my wife went for dinner at Vapiano. I was very hungry.    


  1. I keep my fingers crossed for good results.
    Agnieszka SZ. :)

    1. Thanks Agniesszka. It may take some days to see results. Anyway, I am feeling good. :)

  2. i hope you get better very soon! good lock!

    1. Thanks Joao. I love to continue my surf class later...